psychedelic emotion >> Saturday, February 14, 2009
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my heart whirlwind around like a carousel..i've heart like a child who is crazy for a coon candy..i ran across the field to feel the wind that blow my hair away..i'm crazy that i would scream so loud if i'm in a bad mood or if i don't shower myself for a day..i love vintage so much because it has it's own unique layers of is so classics and the art itself is pure not to mention the photos that is vintage..

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va va voom >> Wednesday, February 11, 2009
These are the stuff that i'm's just stuff that other teenagers might like..
i like the smell of the coffee..yummylicious cupcakes..divine arts..high fashion etc..

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I Am Me >>
this is the first time i write a blog...i was not into blog before this...i start blogging just a couple days ago...after i finished my SPM i started looking for a job and didn't get any even one then after staying home a couple months i start to get bored and then i decide to first i was not enjoying blogging but then it was kind of fun..with blog i can express my emotion about what i felt about gives me chances to share my fellings with other people..there is nothing special about my blog but most of the blog that i'm about to write is mostly about me dealing with my friends,family and social do read my blog...and i hope i don't bored you guys with any of my blog because evrything is based on my real life...